Clean your home ready for autumn!

Many people think that spring is the only time when you should have your home deeply cleaned and rearranged however, expert cleaners advise us to clean twice a year – spring and autumn. Cleaning is important before cooking, you don’t want germs in your house hold while enjoying your well prepared meal do you??

Here are some useful tips on how to get ready for the long winter by performing an autumn clean:

Rearrange the furniture

During the spring cleaning we prepare our homes to be more airy and cool.In autumn, by rearranging of the furniture, we try to minimize the drafts. Try and block any drafts with your couches or bookshelves and put a carpet down. This will make it very easy to heat your home.

If you have bookshelves in your home, then make sure to dust them thoroughly as the open windows during the summer time can let a lot of dust in. This will be the perfect time to check your book collection and pass any books you don’t want to charity. It can be good to involve your children in this by asking them to clean their bookshelves and donate all unwanted books to a charity or give them to their school.

Window cleaning

Clean your windows either with a ready solution from the shop or make your own. If you prefer to make your own here is how: Half fill a bucket with water and add one cup of a methylated spirit. After that use a spray bottle for easier distribution of the cleaning solution and clean using a squeegee. You can polish the windows using a paper towel. Maybe some of you prefer to use newspapers however nowadays the ink used for the newspapers has latex in its base and it will most likely leave marks on your windows.


Wardrobe sort out

The autumn time is the best time to sort your wardrobe and getting rid of any unwanted clothes. We all have clothes we don’t wear anymore or clothes that we would never wear because we bought them in our skinny days. That is why a good sort out is necessary. Take all your clothes out of the wardrobe, give it a good thorough clean and sort out what you are putting back in. Make sure everything is washed and ironed and neatly placed back. You can add little bags of lavender to keep your clothes smelling fresh. All of your unwanted clothes can be given to charity.

Clean the bathroom cabinets

We usually clean our bathroom quite often to get rid of germs and bacteria. That is why a deep clean is normally not necessary for this room. However, the bathroom cabinets may be getting fuller and fuller, so a good sort out is in order. Get rid of all expired cosmetic products and prepare space for new ones. Wipe the inside of the bathroom cabinets with antibacterial solution. You can use water and lemon for a nice fresh smell.


The outdoors!

The outdoor area of the house is probably the most used space in the summer. However, to get it ready for the autumn and respectively the winter, you will need to clean all furniture carefully and store it in a cool and dry place so it is perfect for next summer. Remember to clean the guttering and the drains so you are ready for the rainy season. Clean your garden shed as well so you can make more room for all of the furniture that you need to store. Once you are finished with the autumn clean, take your family out to a well-deserved dinner to celebrate the coming of autumn.

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