Gorgeous Farms in KZN; South Africa

Farms are a very good investment to those who currently own or want to own a farm. Owing a vast piece of land and turning it into a working income for you and your family is the way most South Africans are venturing forth. So if you looking for a good investment consider your next move to be a farm owner.


94 Hectare farm for sale in midlands.  On property, you will find domesticated animals, sheep and horses you will find various crops, fruit trees and large plots of vegetables.

Abundant water supply from 3 dams, listed water rights as well as natural run-off and a borehole.

The main house

2 large bedrooms

En-suite, lounge, two studies, kitchen with scullery, extra bathroom with toilet and discrete lounging area

outside braai area with pit

comfortable home in a fenced garden.

In addition, a separate 4-bedroom house

With 3 bathrooms

Close to the main house is perfect for family members, visitors, or can generate a submissive income from leasing

Lapa with kitchen, fireplace, toilet with basins, bar counter for entertaining  guests

Farm features

Is the light aircraft runway plus 3 aircraft hangars which makes it perfect for the businessman who can to travel to George and Cape Town airports or the aircraft fanatic

Farm buildings

Store, workshop, cold room and roomy shed area to house implements and vehicles

8 brick stables, long-lasting walled shelter for horses and lunging ring

2 large Wendy Homes which has 3 rooms a bathroom

There is an abundant supply of water and electricity

Well contained nursery area


2180 hectares Game farm situated near Lephalale

This farm is gem in Limpopo.

3 lodges on the 4-game farm in total and the properties are also available separately

The wonderful estate boasts many wild animals such as the Rhino, Golden Wildebeest, Black Impala, Buffalo, Sable Antelope, Giraffe, Eland, Kudu, Leopard and Cheetah.

The lodges on the farm come fully prepared

Other buildings include chalets, farm barn, workers’ quarters, stables, helipad and hides

Water supply comes from various boreholes




8 Traditional Dishes from China

The food you are about to see here is not the same as you get at your local Chinese store around the corner. I lived and traveled in China for 10 months and I have experienced native city and village life fully. Below are my favorite Chinese dishes.

1. Spinach Noodles

spinach noodles
Bo Cai Mian, ancient Chinese Food
Delicious spinach noodles in Xi’an, China
Xi’an, in central China, is understood for its noodles, and each dignified noodle joint in aforesaid town makes their noodles from scratch. This ancient Chinese food dish includes noodles made up of spinach, then screw-topped with no matter ingredients your heart needs. The higher than serving incorporates a spicy tomato-like sauce and is screw-topped with egg, potato, carrots, beef and chili.


2. Cooked Bantu

Chao Mashi, ancient Chinese Food
Greasy and implausibly tasty!
It’s simple to seek out {fried rice|Chinese cooked rice|dish} and fried noodles anyplace within the world. This gnocchi-lookalike, though, is sort of completely different. It’s a bit bit sweet, however it’s hot and hearty. the extra fresh vegetables offer a delicious juxtaposition next to the soft thickness of the má shi.

3. BBQ Meat

Kao Rou, ancient Chinese Food
BBQ meat from a street seller in China
Kǎo ròu is that the customary serving of meat in China, and could be one amongst the foremost standard ancient Chinese foods accessible. they’re heavily spiced and are available from each restaurants and street carts alike. usually seared over burning coal, these sticks of meat are available several variations. you may realize lamb, beef, chicken, or maybe the gizzards and different weird stuff no inhabitant would with happiness stick in their mouth.

BBQ Pork Recipe Here


4. Cold Vegetable Dish

Liang Cai, ancient Chinese Food
Trying to remain healthy in China 😉
Liáng cài, which accurately interprets to “cold dish,” is associate assortment of vegetables, bean curd and peanuts, served with a marinade or sauce. the same old suspects square measure inexperienced beans, cucumbers, lotus root and cabbage, amongst an excellent assortment of no matter else the house thinks bests suits the dish!


5. Pungent Tofu

Stinky bean curd, ancient Chinese Food
It smells thus dangerous, however tastes thus good!
It smells worse than it’s and it truly tastes higher than it smells! pungent bean curd is usually the perpetrator once entire sidewalks packed with folks square measure obstructed out as they’re engulfed in a very thick haze of reek. With enough of the proper seasoning (you will see they use a lot), this ancient Chinese dish truly ain’t [*fr1] dangerous.


6. Dumplings

Traditional Chinese Dumplings
Traditional Chinese dumplings. My favorite!
Another one amongst the foremost well-known of ancient Chinese foods, this can be your classic dumpling, usually full of beef, pork or veggies. they will return steamed or cooked and, man, do they style sensible. The locals dip their dumplings in black vinegar mixed with a condiment, that adds a novel bitter, sweet and spicy flavor.

Dumplings recipe here

7. Chinese Hamburger

Chinese Hamburger

Rou Jia Mo, Chinese ancient Food
This is undoubtedly not a hamburger.
This is the Chinese answer to a western hamburger, though, as a burger aficionado, I take serious issue with the very fact that anybody would even decision this one. That being aforesaid, it’s a tasty treat. It’s a homemade , stone-oven seared roll with juicy, seasoned pork on the within. The pork is left to cook nightlong in a very massive pot of spices like cardamom and cloves, and by morning, the meat would fall right apart. we have a tendency to known as them “ro-ji’s” for short!


8. Sweet and bitter Eggplant

Sweet and bitter Eggplant, ancient Chinese Food
Is it eggplant…or pork?

Traditional Chinese recipes measure completely different from the Chinese food you may be accustomed to. Western countries have, sadly, modified the preparation, and turned it into one thing a lot of similar to a greasy, late-night snack.

If you ever get an opportunity to try out Chinese food, I fully suggest that you do!!

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