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Making Your Very Own Biltong Dehydrater

I was wondering obtaining a dehydrator for fruit and vegetables, I additionally like bean curd and jerky and jerky…..
I sleep in france in an exceedingly rural region wherever folks hunting boars and usd, therefore wild meat is straightforward to induce and dried boar ham is one among my favorite meat, excuse my english, i am certain I will justify!

most of the dehydrators on the market were a bit too costly (I wasn’t certain i used to be aiming to use it intensively.) so I searched the net for home-made stuff and this can be what I got.

This is a really common form of dehydrator created by folks searching for an inexpensive economical thanks to dry food reception.

Other sorts were product of cardboard boxes or wood, however plastic had the advantage of sturdiness and was easier to wash.

Step 1:

Stuff needed to make biltong box

Around thirty euros I got the full stuff in but one hour at the native hardware and pc search.

biltong 1

• One storage biltong box (this one is 30x30x25cm), mine was clear as a result of soooooo low-cost, I used adhesive tape to assist light-weight replicate rather than going out the box and lighting the full space.
some folks used tin foil…but you’d higher select a recorder…

• One pc fan (this one is 9x9cm and 12w) and a device.

• Plastic rods (metal or wood would work too)

• Aluminium screen (lighter than steel, plastic would are higher, however i could not get any…)

• Screens for the exit of hot air (those ones return from associate degree previous pc, they need a sort of plastic wool to shield from dirt or insects)

• A 100w bulb is nice, mine is 60w.

• Bulb stand, electrical wire, plug and a association factor.

• Glue, duct tape, saw, dremel, smart music and a chilly brew.
I don’t have a dremel, however I powerfully advocate it as those strorage box area unit alittle fragile and mine bust on many spots whereas drilling…..that’s why I had to wrap it with adhesive tape.

Step 2:

Let’s go!

First take some time to draw the points wherever the rods are going to be pasted, think about the high you may want ti match the screens, the bulb and its stand, and therefore the fan relying if you fasten it within or outside, dont reduce to rubble.

As you’ll see, my drilling was goofy, this kind of plastic breaks simply. I fastened it with a adhesive tape wraping, make sure you drill carefully!!!!!!

Step 3:

Cut and glue the rods ….and build the biltong box darker

Not that simple as a result of the plastic is sort of skinny and you’ve got to be precise cutting the rods if you do not wish them to exit on thbiltong box 2e aspect of the box, no massive deal tho.

I used normal glue, however I place a bit “pattex no additional nails” beneath every rod to form it additional solid.

The adhesive tape build the things a bit “quick and dirty, however I had to form it additional solid thanks to the cracks I created whereas drilling. Black paint will identical if you did not select a dark biltong box.(why area unit dark boxes costlier than clear ones?)

Step 4:

Cut the openings for the fan to dry the biltong, the bulb and therefore the air screens.

I had to chop them with a hot knife, however a dremel would are higher and that i mean far better! Be precise, it’ll be easier to lock the things later.

Step 5:

Insert the fan, bulb and air biltong screens

The easiest half. Then build it airtight by close them with adhesive tape…

Step 6:

Plug it all

I let a feminine plug hanging next to the bulb sub order to plug the 12v device for the fan (connections area unit hidden by duct tape)

Step 7:

The Biltong screens

Cut the screens to the specified dimension, caution, if cut large, they could be onerous to place and take away. The last image shows em in position. I bend them a bit to form it easier to place in and out.

Step 8:

Thoughts for a BETTER jerky/biltong box

I did not strive it with meat nonetheless, however apples were utterly dry in regarding three days therefore the 60W bulb appears enough for this 30x30x25 box. I ‘ll strive a 100w one next time.biltong box 3

Fan drives the air through the biltong and exit at the opposite aspect, BUT, i’m seriously wo
ndering cutting another air screen on the lid. Search the net and find a lot of recipes for jerky, biltong, dried vegetables and fruits….(dried tomatoes seasoned with garlic and herbs.

And Thats That! now go out and Make Your Own!